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Legal Notice

Unlocking a mobile phone is 100% legal in the UK, however different laws may apply elsewhere in the world. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they comply with all local laws when requesting an unlocking service from this website.


iUnlox  ( is owned and operated by iUnlox Limited - Registered Office: 43 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM11SY.


The use of the iUnlox website and services purchased from the website are subject to the terms and conditions on this page, and also our privacy policy.

1. Our Services

1.1. The services provided on the iUnlox website include iPhone IMEI network identification and IMEI status look-ups, in addition to the removal of network imposed IMEI locks.
1.2. All our services include customer support via telephone and email during regular office hours (listed on our homepage).

*Our service may not be used to unlock handsets commercially in order to retail for profit.

2. Our Guarantee

2.1. All our services are offered with a money back guarantee, that ensures you will be able to remove the network lock from your phone, as long as the following criteria is met:

  • (a) The information you enter on the order form must be correct.
  • (b) The phone must have been activated at some point (the IMEI must be registered in Apple's database).
  • (c) The phone must not have been subject to previous jailbreak or unlock attempts.
  • (d) The phone must not be IMEI blocked (restricted from use on any network).
  • (e) You must not attempt to unlock your phone via an alternative method after placing an order with us.
  • (f) Specific to German networks only - handset must be out of contract.


2.2. When a problem is reported with an unlock, we will see if an alternative is available. We may require further information from you at that point. Our aim is to assist you in unlocking your phone, and only if that is not possible will we proceed to a refund. The refund claim procedure is outlined below in section 5.

3. Delivery Times & Cancellations

3.1. When an order has been successfully completed, customers will receive email notification containing instructions on how to complete the unlocking process.


3.2. After receipt of payment, orders are usually submitted for processing within 24 hours (Monday to Friday). The network the handset is currently locked to will dictate both the cost and time it takes to process an order. We provide an approximate processing time for order completion. The quoted processing times are a guide only, based upon the average time it has taken to process orders in the past. As the process involves the use of third parties, we can offer no guarantees on processing times.


3.3. We will endeavour to beat the delivery times stated but sometimes delays do occur. In the event of a significant delay, there is no automatic right to cancellation. If a customer contacts us to request a cancellation based upon a significant delay, we will see if our supplier is willing to cancel the order, but offer no guarantee.

3.4. In general, order cancellations are not permitted once a payment has been made. The service provision commences as soon as payment is made. The service offered is personalised, based on the unique details of a specific handset and therefore cannot be transferred or utilised by a third party.


4. Price Match Promise

4.1. The price match promise applies to UK VAT registered businesses providing permanent iPhone IMEI remote unlocking services exclusively on-line.


4.2. If you find a permanent unlock available from another unlocking company (fitting the criteria outlined in 4.1.) for a lower price, on the day of purchase, we will match that price at the point of order. The price match promise cannot be applied retrospectively after order placement.


5. Refunds

5.1. If no unlock is found for a particular handset, a refund will be processed within 24 hours of us becoming aware that none is available (*All criteria outlined in 2.1. above must have been adhered to). Refunds can take around 7 days to appear in a customers account depending on thier bank, financial institution or credit card company.


5.2. Where an unlock does not work and we confirm by email that we are not able to find an alternative solution, you must claim a refund by providing video evidence as detailed below. This is to show that the information on the order form was correct, and that the unlock process did not work. In some situations the video may still enable us to help a customer unlock their phone. The video should be sent to us as an attachment or uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video, with the link sent to us. These are the requirements for a refund claim video:


  • With the current providers SIM card in the phone, type *#06# on the phone's dialer keypad then wait 5-10 seconds until we can clearly see and read the IMEI of the phone displayed. The operator (on which the phone is currently locked) logo should be clearly visible. 
  • Insert, in the same phone, a SIM card which is not that of the current service provider (to which the phone is currently locked). 
  • Wait 5 seconds until we can clearly see and read the message displayed on the phone. 
  • Please make sure the video is correctly focused and the messages and IMEI are all clearly visible on the phone’s display.


5.3. Please ensure the correct service is ordered for the device to be unlocked and that the device is compatible with the service selected.


5.4. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the details provided at the point of order are accurate. We cannot be held responsible for customer error and are unable to issue refunds under such circumstances.


5.5. It is not possible to determine if a ‘SIM Locked’ or ‘SP Locked’ handset has been ‘Blacklisted’ from any particular network prior to performing the ‘unlock’ procedure. If we undertake an unlock and subsequently discover the iPhone is logged as lost, stolen or abused, we cannot be held responsible and are unable to issue refunds under such circumstances.


5.6. We offer an IMEI blocked - blacklist look-up service. If it is suspected an iPhone may be blacklisted, it is strongly recommended that this service is utilised prior to placing an order to verify the handsets status.


6. Fraud and Deception

6.1. Any attempts to obtain our services by fraudulent means will not be tolerated. We report all such fraudulent activities to the relevant law enforcement authorities and credit reference agencies.


6.2. To combat internet fraud we log the IP address of a customer at the point of order. We cross reference this IP address location with that of the registered account holder of the credit/debit card used to make payment. Any discrepancies will result in the cancellation of the order.


6.3. We work closely with financial institutions, ISP's and a variety of global debt recovery agents worldwide, to protect ourselves and our customers from exposure to fraudulent activity.


6.4. In cases we can prove attempts to defraud our company, we will take legal action to recover our losses and any additional expenses incurred through the recovery process.

6.5. In cases of fraudulent charge backs, the associated handset IMEI number will be identified and relocked.

*Cellular activity can be monitored via a mobile or cellular phones unique IMEI number, which may also be used to trace the handsets whereabouts by law enforcement agencies in the event of criminal activity, including, but not limited to, fraud.


7. UK Specific Terms:

7.1. If a handset is reported lost, stolen or abused, it will be ‘Blacklisted’ on Apple's servers (also known as ‘Blocked’ or ‘Barred’), preventing it's use on any GSM network, nationally. We will undertake the job you request but cannot legally make a ‘blacklisted’ handset work again.


8. Limitation Of Liability

8.1. Where permitted by law, iUnlox is not liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of the services provided, or the use of our website. Otherwise, our liability is limited to the amount paid for the provision of the service in question.


9. General

9.1. All third party brands & logos are the registered trademarks of their respected owners. This website is not affiliated or part any of the network operators or handset manufacturers detailed on our websites.





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