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After your payment has been processed we will submit an order to have the status of your iPhone's IMEI changed to "unlocked" on Apple's database.


When this has been completed you will be notified by email. Then simply connect your iPhone to iTunes, sync it with Apple and you are unlocked - allowing you to use your iPhone on any GSM network, worldwide, without fear of it ever re-locking. This is a permanent and official solution, so obviously will not void your warranty, and definately doesn't require you to jailbreak your iPhone.






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In order to submit an official unlocking request you will need to identify your iPhone's unique IMEI number. An IMEI number is a 15-digit number unique to each handset and is used by Apple to identify your iPhone.


To obtain your IMEI number simply dial *#06# on your iPhone's telephone keypad and it will be displayed on the iPhone's screen. Alternatively navigate to the Settings > General > About screen on your iPhone - the IMEI number will be listed toward the bottom of the screen when you scroll down. If your IMEI number is 17 digits long, please only enter the first 15 digits when placing your order.


If you cannot access the iPhone by either of the above methods, simply eject the SIM tray - the IMEI will be printed on it (you may need a magnifying glass for this).


If you are unsure which network your handset is locked to, simply select IMEI Look-Up Services > Network Finder from the drop down list below, then fill out the rest of your details in the form. We will check Apple's database and identify the network the handset is locked to.


If you suspect your iPhone is blocked/blacklisted (the phone has been reported as lost or stolen) - we can also confirm this for you, potentially saving you a lot of headaches further down the line. If you wish to check if your phone is blacklisted simply select IMEI Look-Up Seervices > IMEI Blacklist Check from the drop down list below.



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