DMCA Act And Unlocking iPhones


The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) exemption that made unlocking your cellular phone in the USA completely legal expired on Saturday, January 26, 2013. From now on, you'll need your wireless carrier's permission to unlock - or will you?


Will this really make an impact on unlocked iPhones?


Some US carriers like T-Mobile depend on unlocked iPhone users to use their network services. International travelers also find unlocking a convenient and low-cost way to operate their devices overseas. Ultimately, unlocking will remain somewhat of a grey area, since the practice is sanctioned under certain circumstances.


Jailbreaking remains legal, and provides many third-party software options that are not available from Apple, so that users can customize their devices.


But the great news for all of you is that iUnlox is located in the UK, where it is, and has always been, completely legal to unlock any mobile phone. DMCA or not, for us - it's business as usual :)


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Unsure Which Network Your iPhone Is Locked To?

iPhone Network Unknown

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